The Couch Potato Chronicles

butterfly foot

In the early part of my life, I was more couch potato than couch surfer. I loved adventure, but only if I were reading about it in the pages of a book. As a chubby and awkward teenager, physical activity and leaving the house didn’t often interest me. But with the encouragement of my active, ever optimistic parents and inspiration from my teak stained idol, Judith chalmers, I began to develop an interest in travel which would lead me out of the house and onto a series of adventures of my own in various countries around the world.


Now living in South Korea, I often get asked many questions about my life. What made you decide to move there? What made you decide to travel? Is that the ‘Good Korea’ or the ‘Bad Korea’? I began to think about the answers to all of these questions and more and decided to answer them for myself and anyone else who was interested.


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